Real Estate Broker

Buying/selling a home is a uniquely emotionally intense experience. Rachel’s professional and educational background in psychology gives her the unique ability to apply her strengths in counseling to always put client needs first. She works with compassion, consideration, and perspective to guide any seller or buyer through the thicket of Portland’s competitive real estate market. This devotion to serving others sets Rachel apart—as her true passion has always been to help people.

Rachel knows when to listen and knows when to act. She provides a balanced level of service that is both professional and comforting, tailored to individual or family desires. Rachel works with integrity and is honest, putting people first. Her experience in research, marketing, and design as well as her attention to detail allows her to find solutions to problems others may miss. She is well connected to networks of professionals in the area, who like her, get things done right the first time.

Just because buying or selling a home is stressful doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. A wonderful sense of humor and a passion for finding and making a house into a true home makes Rachel an ideal choice. You are sure to create a lasting relationship while her practiced skills in listening, communication, advocacy, and negotiation obtain the desired outcome at the price sought.

Rachel has lived in Portland for seventeen years, and has grown attached to this city and its unique charm. Portland is her home, and even with her slight southern twang, no one could ever doubt she is a Portlander through and through. She has insider knowledge of the Portland market through her many years of work in Portland schools and government (in all the neighborhoods, suburbs, schools, and services). When not helping clients, or elevating her own historic Portland home, Rachel loves her two big dogs, gardening, camping, entertaining, all things vintage, festivals, and music.


Rachel Richards