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Many homes in Portland were built in the 1920’s, and it is the homes that have kept original features that always seem to charm the most. These images are from homes I had the pleasure of showing clients just this past weekend here in NE Portland, Oregon. From glass doorknobs to tile, to those linen closets in the hallways of almost all the older PDX homes – these are the original features that still add charm and convenience to homeowners today.

Sometimes older is better, and keeping with the style of a home by restoring it rather than replacing it is something that actually appeals to today’s buyers. You simply cannot re-create the original hexagon tiles or woodwork made and set in the 20’s – tile and wood today does not always have the quality and style, but any older feature is able to be restored of you try or know the right people who restore for a living.

When it comes to original beautiful old home features, fix it or restore it! Updating does not have to mean putting in all new. Clients are not always looking for new, they want charm that is original to the home. If something new is to be added, why not let the new owners decide and not tear out old features just because they are old. Historical Integrity is a really important selling feature in homes and one of my specialties.  I am always happy to help my clients to understand the why of an old house design, and to help them figure out how to update without destroying the integrity of an older home.



Glass doorknobs are a weird selling point for me, and I have spent a lot of time in some home restorations finding the perfect 1920’s door fixtures to replace something new that really did not belong with the home’s style.

Thankfully here in Portland we have such excellent resources as Hippo Hardware and Aurora Mills to fill these needs of restoring original character to homes by putting in historically accurate fixtures. Hippo can indeed fix any light fixture to modern standards, and to see a 1920’s home with a 1920’s light fixture is to many of my buyer clients a true delight.  Searching the Re-Building Center for a door or window that was from the same era of a home is both exciting and at times frustrating, but once the right item is found the value of adding a historically accurate feature can be unparalleled.

So, if you are interested in buying or selling an older Portland home, or would just like to chat about historical integrity, I would love to help you!


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